steam heat exchanger

Steam Energy Solutions

Some Benefits Of Our Steam Solutions

semi-instantaneous steam water heater

Complete and compact steam heat exchanger skid package for easy install

Great Energy Savings

Our unique flooding steam heat exchanger use latent and sensible heat out of each pound of steam generation between 5 to 25% energy saving depending on conditions

Very Low Footprint

Because we can use directly high pressure steam through the heat exchanger, we don't need any pressure reducing valve station and no condensate pump station

Very Low Maintenance

There is only one moving part on our skid package, the control valve on the condensate. All the other components remain in same position during complete operation.

Heavy Duty Construction

The unit is build according to your highest steam pressure available. Compliance to TEMA-C industrial standards. From carbon steel, to food grade stainless steel.

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steam heat exchanger

Unique flooding steam heat exchanger design using high or low pressure steam. Perfect for building heat application and consider as a semi-instantaneous domestic water heater. No steam vents to the roof  required and very low footprint.   Energy saving up to 20%.

steam to hot water skid package

Complete steam skid package for building heat application with hydronic components such as circulating pumps, separator, valves, complete automatic shut-down and start-up with NO manual assistance. Simplex or Duplex for redundancy and ask for our Zerolag Duplex Design, The Perfect Reliability!

Full instantaneous steam water heater. Operating at maximum 30 psig steam. With a Self-Contained Mechanical (no electric, no pneumatic) or Electronic blending control valve with BacNet IP / MSTP or ModBus. Many control options and safety features.  Can operate without recirculation.

Clean steam generator for humdification, sterilization and steam injection for food process. Providing high dry steam quality in a very low footprint and high reliability. Optionnal Energy Savings feature to reduce the steam usage (lbs/hr) from boilers.

More About Our Steam Heat Exchanger Design

Maxi-Therm steam heating system uses a control valve on the condensate side for temperature control on a vertical flooded steam heat exchanger. This difference allows two advantages. First, high pressure steam can be used. A pressure reducing station is not needed, and steam piping is smaller and lighter. Second, the heater utilizes the latent and sensible heat out of each pound of steam needed. It subs cools the condensate to 200F or below so flash steam losses are eliminated.

When flash steam is formed with a conventional system, it flows up through the vent on the condensate return station. It’s lost in the atmosphere through the vent pipe, resulting with more make-up water need to the steam boiler, meaning more water treatment (softener, deaerator and chemicals) and more surface blowdown.

The condensate pump station behaves better with the cooler condensate. Normal hot condensate cavitates as the pump pulls it into the volute. The pump will sound like it’s full of gravel, and the internals will wear out quickly. In addition, the unbalanced impeller wobbles and causes the shaft seals to leak.

The Maxi-Therm eliminates the need for a dedicated condensate pump. The 200F condensate has high pressure behind it, so it does not need a pump as long as your steam pressure inlet is higher than your condensate back pressure, which is typically the case. Resulting in less footprint needs in the mechanical room, no flash vent to the roof, less install costs and less maintenance costs.

In order to deliver these benefits, the control valve on the condensate side is a vital component. Every precaution is taken to be sure it does not fail. The system is furnished with a temperature-controlled steam regulator to prevent high water temperatures in the rare event that the control valve leaks. A steam trap is also provided to prevent a leaking control valve from discharging live steam.