steam heat exchanger

VFFF: Vertical Flooded Feed Forward Technology

High- Efficiency Instantaneous Steam Water Heater

​Easy Install, Low Maintenance , Low Footprint, Easy Operation,

Energy Savings

steam to domestic hot water

High-temperature control. +-4F accuracy from 0 to the max load

No need of steam safety relief valve, no vent to the roof, rated for minimum 150 psig

No need of condensate pump station, no vent to the roof

Minimum 5% less steam usage compare to a conventional steam water heater

​Electronic or self-contained mechanical control valve.

​Option with BacNet or Modbus protocol 

Some Customers: Harvard, Pepsi Cola, Schreiber Food, Mullin Cheese, John Hopkins Hospital and Many More

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For steam to hot water for process or domestic hot water, Maxi-Therm offers different type of steam water heater upon your design and conditions of operation. A semi-instantaneous (MCU series) or a full instantaneous (VFFF series) steam water heater. Very compact with very low maintenance, only one main moving part; the control valve.

Energy conservation is unparalleled. There is no unit on the market more energy efficient than a Maxi-Therm for steam water heater application. It squeezes every practical BTU out of the steam and condensate by using not only latent heat out of each pound of steam but also sensible heat by cooling down the condensate under 200F. By doing so, we use directly to the heat exchanger up to 150 psig steam pressure inlet with our MCU series and up to 40 psig with our VFFF-D series.

Instantaneous packages can be wheeled through a doorway. Very easy install with only 5 main connexions: Steam inlet, condensate outlet, water in and out and electric power, in a very small footprint. All our system comes with an ASME stamp for high-pressure steam to avoid steam safety relief valve. Also, since there is no modulation on the steam side, the steam water heater doesn’t need a condensate pump station, no vent to the roof, reducing maintenance costs.

Different types of controls are offered, from self-contained mechanical blending valve to a complete control set-up including BacNet, Modbus communication.

We use an industrial heavy-duty piece of equipment including a robust shell & tubes heat exchanger, made in the USA, easy to clean for scale build-up and only one (1) gasket to be replaced if need to. We offer single wall or double-wall design and different type of material of construction: copper, Cu/Ni, stainless steel 304, 316 and even Food Grade configuration.

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Main Components Included with the Steam Water Heater 

  • Vertical shell & tube type heat exchanger. Carbon steel shell side; 5/8” OD x 0.062”/0.035” double-wall (or single wall) copper tubes (other materials available), naval brass and carbons steel tube sheets, 90/10 Cupro-Nickel billet water chamber. ASME stamped of 150 psig @300˚F (higher rating available). TEMA-C construction standard.
  • Feedforward blending valve reacting on a pressure differential Temperature sensor on the mixed water outlet and on the cold water supply for anticipation. Or feedforward self-contained mechanical blending valve reacting on a pressure differentialConforms to the following: ASSE 1017, California Led Free Plumbing Law, CSA B 125.3, NSF/ANSI 61 section 8
  • Steam pressure relief valve with drip pan elbow (item B, shipped loose)
  •  Steam trap on the condensate outlet of the heat exchanger
  •  40 mesh strainer with blowdown valve on the condensate outlet
  • Isolation valve on the condensate outlet
  • Liquid piping in copper (stainless-steel or else is available) and condensate piping in carbon steel SCH80
  • Heavy-duty painted steel frame
  • A 5 years limited warranty on the heat exchanger is standard with an18 months warranty on parts and performance.
  • The start-up will be performed by the manufacturer or authorized representative.
  • Float steam trap
  • Pressurized and control test before shipping
  • Items delivered separately to be installed on job site by a contractor

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