steam heat exchanger

MCU Model: Modulating Condensate Unit ​

Simple Complete Plug & Play
Steam Flooded Heat Exchanger

Easy Install, Low Maintenance , Low Footprint, Easy Operation, Energy Savings

steam heat exchanger

It can be used with high or low steam pressure.

No need for steam safety relief valve, no vent to the roof

No need of condensate pump station, no vent to the roof

Minimum 5% less steam usage compare to a conventional steam heat exchanger

Only one (1) moving part, the control valve on the condensate (1/2” up to 10 MMBTU process)

Complete automatic control system. No need for manual assistance even on cold start-up!

Touchscreen control panel including values like actual BTU per hour and Gallons per Minute

Some Customers: Harvard, Miller-Coors, Merck, Dupont, John Hopkins Hospital, Duke and many more ​

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Main Components Included on a Complete Skid Package

  • Heat Exchanger with High Pressure ASME Stamp (minimum 150 psig). TEMA-C construction standard.
  • One (1) modulating electric control valve on the condensate outlet, fail safe, pre-wired to the control panel. Valve body shall be of A 216 Gr. WCB cast steel fabrication with ANSI 300# flanged connections. Control valve shall be provided with digital positioner with position feedback analog output. Actuator to have a manual override. Condensate control valve to have a 5 years limited warranty
  • One (1) over heat security valve on the steam side, high performance butterfly type with ANSI 150 lugged pattern and electric actuator with position feedback and power back-up
  • Start-up valve, on-off and fail closed, pre-wired to the control panel, with restriction orifice
  • One (1) NEMA 4 UL approved control panel, pre-programmed to perform the start-up and shut down procedures as well as alarms managing. The panel shall include:
  1. 1
    Programmable controller with optimal control sequence
  2. 2
    Factory wiring to all sensors and valves.
  3. 4
    Color HMI and intuitive, easy to use graphic interface with different users’ access levels.
  4. 5
    Access via the building automation system to all parameters for remote monitoring and remote control.
  5. 6
    BACnet (IP and MSTP), LON, Modbus (MTU and TCP) communication protocols are available.
  6. 7
    *** IoT ready with data acquisition and secure remote access capabilities (ISO 27001 and ISECOM STAR certified) with OPC US Embedded Server. Internet connectivity must be provided to the panel via an ethernet cable by the customer for remote troubleshooting and monitoring
  7. 8
    Continuous display and data logging of liquid inlet, water outlet, condensate outlet temperatures, steam pressure, liquid flow in GPM, condensate control valve and main steam valve position (via the feedback output of the valves) and heat transfer rate in BTU/hr.
  8. 9
    Preprogrammed and adjustable alarms for liquid outlet high and low temperature, condensate outlet high temperature, high and low liquid flow as well as high steam pressure. Sensor/valve failure alarm is also standard.
  9. 9
    Outside disconnect switch to be able to locally shut the power to the panel before opening the door.
  10. 10
    Integral network switch and 120V power supply receptacle to plug a laptop for easy tech support. A laptop can be plugged in with the control panel door closed for more safety.
  11. 11
    Integral network switch and 120V power supply receptacle to plug a laptop for easy tech support. A laptop can be plugged in with the control panel door closed for more safety.
  • Float steam trap
  • Pressurized and control test before shipping
  • Items delivered separately to be installed on job site by a contractor
  • Bi-metallic steam traps for drip legs
  • Vacuum breaker, stainless steel construction
  • Automatic air vent
  • Maxi-Therm condensate mixer with integrated SS316 check valve

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